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Jack and Blue

Welcome, Jack and Blue!

We’re excited to announce two new arrivals at The Horse Trust, namely Jack and Blue, both from Waverley Riding Group Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA).


Jack, nicknamed JJ, is a 26 year old black Dales pony. Jack stands at 14.33hh and has been a carriage driving pony for Waverley Riding Group RDA for 11 years. He’s been described as a firm favourite at Waverley due to his gentle and kind nature and has provided so much happiness to so many people in his life thus far. We’re sure Jack will continue to provide joy to both staff and visitors here at The Horse Trust and we can’t wait to get to know him more as he settles in. Jack retires to us due to his age – he has slowed down a little and we think he is more than deserving of his retirement!

Read Jack’s profile here.


Blue joins Jack in arriving from Waverley RDA. Blue is a 20 year old grey Cob and stands at 15hh. He has cared for people his entire riding/driving life and was originally bought as a ride and drive horse for a young girl with cerebral palsy. We’re told she did everything with him even though he was known as the slowest on the driving trials circuit! Blue arrived at Waverley RDA in 2013 and took many people for drives and is said to have never put a foot wrong. Like Jack he is described as a totally genuine and kind horse who has always been wonderful and looked after people.

Read Blue’s profile here.

Sadly Waverley RDA will no longer be continuing so this pair of handsome horses were retired to us. We thinking it’s fitting that having worked together for so long, Jack and Blue can both enjoy their well-earned retirements together.

We can’t wait to get to know both residents better – make sure you follow us on social media as we’ll be posting updates on them both on our Facebook and Instagram channels over the coming weeks.

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