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Introducing Albert!

We’re excited to introduce our newest arrival, the adorable Albert, formerly of Ascot Driving Group Riding for the Disabled (RDA).

Albert joins his former Windsor and Ascot RDA friends, Casper and Major in retirement with us. We are delighted that the three former friends can be reunited in retirement!

Albert worked for Ascot Driving Group for an impressive 10 years as a carriage driving pony. Whilst at work he took out disabled participants and was said to be a very keen and easy pony to drive. He also taught some of the coaches to drive and was incredibly well liked by all his drivers. Albert was described as a ‘very patient pony with a lovely temperament’.

Albert was also used at Ascot Driving Group to help a lady with dementia who used to carriage drive. She worked with him doing stable management, changing rugs, grooming him and taking him in hand to the field. He was very patient and happy standing whilst she had therapy with a horse.

During the Covid-19 pandemic Albert was used by the group for ‘meet and greet’ sessions as they were unable to carriage drive with participants. Albert was always quite happy to stand whilst everyone fussed over him! He also has a claim to fame as he appears in several RDA publications!

We’re excited to welcome Albert to The Horse Trust and we can’t wait to get to know him more! You can read his full profile here.

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