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Seven rescue Shetland's headcollars

Neglected Ponies Recover at The Horse Trust Post-Cruelty Sentencing

Nine Horses and Ponies continue the next stage of their Recovery Journey at The Horse Trust following a sentencing for Cruelty at Cornwall Horse Therapy Centre.

Sarah Baker, Darren Laker and James Baker were sentenced at Truro Crown Court yesterday (29 February) in a case brought by the RSPCA, regarding animal welfare offences relating to animals they kept and cared for at Family Nest Therapy in Par, Cornwall.

Concerns were raised by a member of the public when some animals were seen malnourished and in a poor state, the court heard.

The RSPCA seized thirteen equines and various other animals. They were severely underweight with overgrown feet, serious infestation of lice, a high worm burden, and viral conjunctivitis. Some ponies still had paint in their coats, left over from children’s parties.

Rescue Shetlands Olaf and Sven before and after
Rescue Shetlands Olaf and Sven, before (photo credits: Mare & Foal Sanctuary) and after (photo credits: The Horse Trust)

After a year in the at the Mare and Foal Sanctuary, we were pleased we were able support their charity and take in nine of thirteen horses and ponies into our long-term care.

All nine equines are receiving ongoing treatment at our charity. Some of the ponies are still nervous around humans and our equine behaviour specialists are working with them to help build their trust.

Darth Vader, one of the smaller Shetlands, is particularly nervous of medical treatments and examinations. Our team are working closely with him to slowly but surely rebuild his confidence, with the help of his dear friend and calming Shetland, Spartan.

Thanks to a generous donation, we were recently able to purchase some new dental kit which is much more suitable for the tiny Shetland’s mouths when having routine dental treatment.

Shetlands grazing in field
Shetlands grazing in their new home (photo credits: The Horse Trust)

We welcomed this large number of rescues into our sanctuary just before the Winter months, a time when the grooms workload drastically increases despite the shorter days and nights, to ensure we can diligently manage our herd through the challenging weather conditions.

During this time, the ponies suffered an outbreak of bacterial diarrhea, requiring veterinary intervention. We are pleased to say this has now been successfully treated. We would like to thank our whole team, who worked over time whatever the weather, to provide the best standards of care that these wonderful rescues deserve, alongside our 130+ strong herd.

Jeanette Allen, Chief Executive of The Horse Trust says:

“We are pleased to be able to provide forever homes to nine of horses and ponies rescued and support the next stage of their recovery journey. The herd of mini Shetlands have captured everyone’s hearts here at our sanctuary and we are working incredibly hard to make sure their trust in people continues to grow so that we can give them the best potential future. It’s always incredibly gratifying when charities are able to work together collaboratively to get the best outcome for the animals we all care about.”

The rescue was another excellent example of multi-agency rescue work provided by National Equine Welfare Council members including The Mare and Foal Sanctuary, RSPCA, The Donkey Sanctuary and The Horse Trust.

If you would like to make a donation to help with their long-term care you can donate here.


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