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Healthiest Equine Body Condition Awards

The WeighToWin Programme

Equine obesity is a serious concern, but we are mounting a response with our Awards programme which has been running for over 5 years.  The aim is to raise awareness in showing of what a healthy equine body condition should be and to encourage owners, riders and producers to recognise the health and welfare benefits of maintaining a healthy body condition score (BCS), and to reward those who have achieved this in their show horses.

The Approach

The programme is intended to be non-confrontational, providing access to advice if required and encouragement for owners, riders and producers.  Winners receive a top-quality rosette and the assessing is done concurrently, but independently of the judging of the class. There have been many individual success stories as well as quantifiable lower BCS being recorded since the start of the programme.

Which Shows?

From the Royal Windsor Horse Show in Spring, through to Autumn Shows held at a more local level.  Many county level shows host our awards including the Great Yorkshire Show and the Royal Cornwall as well as some of the top championship shows such as the Royal International Horse Show at Hickstead.

We need you

Get involved

The BCS needs to be carried out by an equine vet, or suitably qualified person (SQP), and this is where we need your support.  As a charitable concern there is no budget to financially recompense an SQP for their time and expertise to attend a show, but The Horse Trust endeavours to publicise the extremely valuable contribution that vet practices have made, via many media channels. This approach of mutual PR works well as vet practices get to meet potential new clients, they’re mentioned throughout the day via commentary notes; beforehand via the show’s own publicity, plus that of the Horse Trust’s work and sharing of winners’ stories post shows. 

By donating a small amount of time, your practice will be associated with this programme with the added kudos of supporting this worthwhile cause.  Attending a show could also work towards an individual’s CPD.

Can you provide a vet or SQP to support a show near you?

Be a part of the solution – help equines stay healthy and show your Practice’s commitment to equine welfare by supporting The Horse Trust’s Healthiest Body Condition Awards.  Please contact to register your interest.  You will be emailed clear and concise information about the awards, and if you’re willing to give your expertise, the ball of PR will begin rolling which will benefit your Practice, as well as the programme itself!

Want to become a scorer?

Register your interest in becoming a scorer and/or attending our SQP BCS training by emailing 

Thank you.

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