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Hay There Steven

Hay There, Steven!

Welcome to our new monthly series where we shine a spotlight on members of our incredible hardworking team. It’s a big operation to run the oldest equine charity in the world and a big part of what makes us tick is our staff and volunteers. So it only seemed fitting to kick off with an introduction to Steven…

Name – Steven Grice

Job Title– Equine Care Officer

Years of service– 4 years, I joined the team on the 15th of Feb 2018 but it definitely feels like it’s been so much longer, I struggle to remember not working here!

Favourite horse- Without hesitation, Roman – He’s a real character, I’ve known him since the day he arrived and simply love the playful nudges and cheeky nature of this horse. It’s never a dull day when I get to spend even just a few moments with him.

Best joke – A horse walks into a bar. Bartender: “Hey” Horse: “Yes please”

A typical day- Oh wow, it’s so varied, its probably easier to explain my role as a whole! I am responsible for and oversee the daily care of all the horses at of one of the sister sites. That includes their daily check ins, feeding, any treatments and of course a few nose scratches and treats! Our wonderful volunteers will also report into me as they go about their day. I also organise the transportation of horses between sites, for farrier visits for example, and coordinate anything needed for new arrivals that we have coming in, whether they come from the military or from other working backgrounds.
Then there’s also the occasional job of checking in on the horses that are out on loan, helping the loaners with any worries or concerns and making sure they’re both settled and happy.I think that’s about it!

In another life my job would be – Nurse because I care about people, simple as that.

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