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Hay There, Nicky!

This month we introduce our amazing vet, Nicky. Some may have already seen her on our socials busy tending to the care of our retirees and rescues. Having Nicky on site is invaluable and we simply couldn’t do the work we do in the same capacity without all her dedication and unwavering care.
Before she came to us at The Horse Trust, she served 10 years in the Royal Army Veterinary Corps. Starting with Military Working Dogs and later as a veterinary officer for The Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery and The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment.

So, without further ado…

Name – Nicola Housby-Skeggs

Job Title– Veterinary Director & BARTA Board Chair

Years of service– 3 but it’ll be 4 in March ’23

Favourite horse- I’m not allowed, I love them all equally… but now you’re forcing me, Hamish – have you seen him?! Too cute.

Best joke – What kind of cheese would you hide a horse in? Mascarpone!

Fun fact- I have owned three black labs, Welly is my most recent addition.

A typical day-

My day will always start with a morning meeting, finding out the scoop and what needs prioritising that day. This may be followed by, any dentals, vaccines, routine check-ups, lameness exams and doing the rounds to check up on any horses that need my attention. My eager vet students may even join me.

I’ll often go through the applications for any horses being admitted, checking their forms and reviewing any pre-existing veterinary needs.

On the odd occasion I’ll also teach BARTA (British Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Association) courses.

In between doing all of this I always try and squeeze in a break for a cup of tea!

Favourite part of your job here-

I do quite like an emergency, not in the way you might think though. For me it is about the teamwork and the follow through watching the journey from beginning to end. There’s a certain satisfaction in going through that process.

And our rescue horses, following their story and watching as they progress, genuinely seeing the difference myself and the team can have.

In another life my job would be

I’d be a paediatrician; I think it’s the closest job to a vet because kids can’t always explain to you what’s wrong or where the pain is.  And I love children, that’s it.

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