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Modern day Black Beauty, Duke

Duke & Dazzle’s Show Success

Hot on the heels of Team GB’s Olympic success in equestrian events, The Horse Trust now has our own gold medal winning team! Our tremendous two braved the pouring rain to compete at Naphill Riding Club Member’s Show. This was their very first show and Duke and Dazzle did us proud and have a whole host of rosettes to show for their adventure.

Duke won second place in the “Best Turned Out Ridden” and won second place in “best condition”. Dazzle’s amazing and very funny Mexican bandit costume won them First Place in the “Fancy Dress! He also won fourth place in “best condition”.

We are immensely proud of these gorgeous boys who have come such a long way since they were rescued from the horrific conditions of Spindles Farm, Amersham in 2008.

Five year old Duke has had an especially tough time over the past four years.  Duke had only just recovered from his ordeal at Spindles Farm when he was diagnosed with Sarcoids, a common problem in horses which cause extreme irritation and painful swellings. Duke had to travel over 200 miles to the University of Liverpool’s Equine Hospital for specialist treatment to remove them. Thankfully Duke’s treatment was successful but he has since suffered recurring bouts of colic culminating in life saving surgery performed at The Royal Veterinary College.

Duke and Dazzle ‘s amazing transformation from the sick and underweight horses that arrived at The Horse Trust in 2008 to the show winners they are today is a testament to the loving care of the grooms at The Horse Trust who helped bring these ponies back to life. It cost us many thousands of pounds to care for sick and rescued horse and ponies and Duke and Dazzle’s transformation would not have been possible without the generosity of our supporters.

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