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How does your donation help?

Donate to The Horse Trust and help provide the specialist care our amazing herd of some of Britain’s most amazing horses need.  We provide a dignified resting place for working horses that have given a lifetime of service to their country and mankind nurturing them throughout their final years and a sanctuary  for horses, ponies and donkeys that have suffered and need special treatment.

The horses, ponies and donkeys that come to us in urgent need of specialist care having suffered from serious neglect or deliberate cruelty. These animals often require intensive nursing, veterinary treatment and behavioural support and it can cost a great deal to bring these horses back to full health and then to invest in training the younger ones to give them the best chance of finding a new loving loan home.

Donate to The Horse Trust and you will also help ensure that retired serving horses can receive immediate and vital surgery if they become ill or injured, allowing them to enjoy their retirement after years of public service.

Donate to The Horse Trust

All horses and ponies have the same basic needs for a healthy life but with a herd made up of retired working horses that have spent  much of their life protecting the public during service with the Police service or the Army, helping  to improve the lives of the disadvantaged with Riding for the Disabled and the Horse Rangers in company with ponies and donkeys that have been rescued from  some of the most appalling neglect and cruelty our horses often need more specialist care and veterinary treatment than the average.

In addition to caring for the residents at our Home of Rest our aim since 1886 has been to improve the lives of horses across the UK through advancing welfare standards, supporting vital research, better science and education.  For almost 140 years we have been supported by the amazing generosity of the great British public with our work being funded exclusively by public donations.

Donate to The Horse Trust to help our horse heroes and support our survivors.

Regular Donations Help

A dependable income is of great importance to the Trust and helps to smooth out the highs and lows of caring for the horses and regular donations and sponsorships by Direct Debit help to provide the essential care and treatment our horses need every day of the year.

It helps us stay ready and able to handle the emergencies that can crop up  including the arrival of rescue cases in urgent need of care and veterinary treatment or having to cancel  special  events and close the gates to our visitors who help support our work with their donations.

Donate to The Horse Trust in a small regular donation and you will help us be as cost-effective as possible and it is amazing how far a little can go, something we have understood  since as far back as 1914 when our supporters collective generosity combined to provide the Army Veterinary Service with the world’s first ever motorised horse ambulance.

Read about other ways to donate to The Horse Trust – Sponsor a Horse.

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£45 will buy almost half a large bale of hay

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Do you have any unwanted tack or rugs?

We want to hear from you! Please consider donating any unwanted items to The Horse Trust.

The ones we cannot use on our horses and ponies we sell to the public. Please email us if you are interested in either giving, or buying from us. It’s a great way to help us, and to help you buy cheaper rugs!