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Christmas Appeal

This Christmas we are shining a light on one of our sweet souls named Ernie and asking for your help for him and others like him.

Ernie is a truly loveable little miracle rescue who has only recently come into our specialist care. He has endured horrible neglect and sadly is also now grieving having just lost his cherished best friend, Bert, who was put to sleep on veterinary grounds.

Lifted from a multi-agency rescue operation that seized several horses, Ernie was in desperate need, suffering in misery and living in complete and utter fear.

He was found alongside other horses, surrounded in filth and tangled fencing, no access to food and only dirty water to drink. It became painfully clear to the welfare agencies on site that day, that he and the other horses were slowly starving. Ernie and Bert were so hungry and underweight that they were eating the bark off the trees just to survive.

When the RSPCA informed us of Ernie’s heartbreaking situation and having now lost his only companion, Bert, it filled us with sadness, and we knew he needed a helping hand.

Our Equine Care Team is gently easing Ernie into meeting other horses in our herd who we are optimistic will take sweet Ernie under their wings. We have faith that this is a fresh start for him and a real chance to find the new loving friendships he needs now more than ever.

Your support will make a huge difference to Ernie’s life and the lives of abandoned horses like him.


images of operation attributed to RSPCA & Mare and Foal

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