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Winter Welfare Crisis

Balmoral appeal

Help us care for more horses like Balmoral
this winter


We know this winter is bringing extra challenges for all of us and sadly, we are receiving more and more calls from people asking us to take in horses they can’t afford to keep, or to rescue discarded and abandoned horses who have been suffering due to absolutely no fault of their own.

Rising costs for hay, power, feed and of course veterinary

medicine, are putting huge pressure on our resources. We fear we may be forced to turn some rescue cases away this winter and many horses will not be given a fighting chance at life, or a safe and loving home.

Balmoral is one of these young horses who was a victim to the current circumstances, and we feel incredibly fortunate we have been able to rescue him from a life of trauma and provide him with the love and care he needs. We want to continue to be able to care for horses in need like Balmoral this winter but often rescues come to us requiring costly specialist treatment, which puts strain on our charity’s resources. With your help we can continue to take in more horses in need and provide them with a safe and happy life. Any donation you can give for the care of horses, ponies and donkeys like Balmoral at this time is hugely appreciated.

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