The Horse Trust

03rd January 2014

Tackling the horse welfare crisis

Horses at risk of neglect or cruelty The UK is facing a horse welfare crisis – quite simply there are too many horses and not […]
01st November 2013

Science in action

Funding equine veterinary scientific research The Horse Trust was founded in 1886 to alleviate the plight of the working London cab horse and has been […]
01st September 2013

Our supporters

Supporters of The Horse Trust Every success since 1886 has been possible thanks only to the generosity of our supporters. Public donations, great and small, […]
01st August 2013

Supporting equine professionals

Working closely with and supporting equine professionals The Horse Trust is working closely with and supporting equine professionals to help improve the care and welfare […]
03rd February 2013

Horses in need

The Horse Trust provides sanctuary and specialist care for horses in need. This includes horses, ponies and donkeys that have suffered from cruelty or neglect […]
01st November 2012

Dignified retirement for horse heroes

Respite & a dignified retirement for working horses We are the only UK charity who specialise in providing respite and a dignified retirement for working […]
01st August 2012

Rebuilding The Trust

After 40 years in Speen our stables were in desperate need of refurbishment and repair and we urgently needed new facilities to continue to provide […]
29th March 2011

Armed Forces volunteers help out at The Horse Trust

Over 30 volunteers from the Royal Navy, British Army, and Royal Air Force spent a day helping out at The Horse Trust’s sanctuary in Buckinghamshire […]
03rd August 2008

Equine welfare through training

Improving equine welfare through training Since our founding in 1886 our charity has worked closely with vets and equine professionals to help us care for […]
03rd August 2008

Duke – Spindles Farm Survivor

Duke is a gorgeous thoroughbred gelding who was rescued from the horrors of Spindles Farm, Amersham. Duke arrived at The Horse Trust in January 2008 […]
03rd January 2008

Spindles Farm animal cruelty case

One of the worst cases of animal cruelty the UK has ever seen In January 2008 RSPCA inspectors and police officers attended Spindles Farm in […]
03rd August 2006

Renamed to The Horse Trust

In 2006 The Home of Rest for Horses is renamed to The Horse Trust, to reflect our growing mission The Home of Rest for Horses […]
03rd August 2000

Improving quality of life

Here to improve the quality of life of every horse, pony and donkey across the country For over 127 years our charity has worked tirelessly to […]
20th July 1982

Hyde Park bombing surviving horses

Hyde Park bombing surviving horses retire to the Home of Rest It is over 30 years since this horrific atrocity in Knightsbridge, a car bomb […]
03rd August 1960

Changing focus to meet new needs

In the early days the majority of our residents were London cab horses. By the 1920s many of their roles had been taken by motor […]
22nd July 1939

Helping horses in World War 2

In 1939 Britain once again faced war in Europe. The Home of Rest for Horses had been in the new premises in Borehamwood for 5 […]
03rd August 1932

Horse van transfer

In 1932 a compulsory purchase order forced a move from Westcroft Farm in Cricklewood by horse van transfer. A landmark move The transference of the […]
03rd August 1918

Horses in World War 1

Over six million horses in World War 1 played a role, more than any other conflict in history. The British Army alone used 1,183,228 horses. […]
03rd August 1916

A home for Old Favourites

An early object of the charity was to provide a home for “Old Favourites,” giving them in return for a remunerative charge a pleasant home […]
03rd August 1914

World War 1 – The British Army

World War 1 (1914-1918) saw millions of men and horses bogged down in horrific conditions in the muddy trenches of Belgium and Northern France. As […]
03rd August 1911

A truly unique blend of friends

From our founding moment we have benefited from the generous support of both the public and prominent patrons. We are entirely funded by donor contributions […]
03rd August 1908

From Acton to Cricklewood

Just three years after founding, The Home of Rest was established in excellent premises at Friar’s Place Farm, Acton and enjoyed twenty years there before […]
03rd August 1900

Horses keep London moving

1900’s London needs 300,000 horses to keep it moving In 1900, London needed some 300,000 horses to keep it moving. Most of them, and most […]
10th May 1886

The Horse Trust was founded 10th May 1886

In 1877, English author Anna Sewell published a groundbreaking ‘autobiography’, the story of a working horse told through the horse’s own eyes. Black Beauty went […]