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Angel Passes Onto Greener Pastures

The Horse Trust based in Speen, Buckinghamshire has sadly said goodbye to Spindles Farm rescue horse Angel who was a firm favourite with visitors and staff alike. Angel had survived the horrors of extreme neglect along with over 100 other horses, ponies and donkeys rescued from the Amersham site in 2008, despite being in her early twenties and almost completely blind.

Since coming to The Horse Trust she had developed the most amazing bond with another mare called Tarna. What made their companionship so incredible was that Tarna, who lost one of her eyes in an accident many years ago, led Angel as a Guide Dog leads a person. Two horses with one eye between them and they managed perfectly well, Tarna always walking slightly ahead of Angel and between her and any fences or obstacles. They would both get extremely stressed when apart and if one was poorly the other would have to be brought along to keep her company when being checked over by the vet.

Unfortunately Angel suffered from extremely severe impaction colic a couple of nights ago, all the medical treatment options were tried to cure her but sadly to no avail. It was felt that at 25 she was too old to be put through surgery in addition to which her blindness meant that going to hospital would have been exceptionally disorienting and stressful for her, so the hard decision was made to let her go.

Jeanette Allen, Chief Executive of the charity said, “Angel was a real beauty and a very sweet soul.” She continued, “Tarna was with her at the end and was given time with her afterwards to accept that Angel had died. This has really helped her to cope with the stress of their parting and encouraged her to look for a new companion. We will all miss Angel hugely and now focus on helping Tarna in any way we can to settle without her dearest friend.”

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