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Abandoned Foal ‘Teddy’ Left Fighting for Life

A young foal is fighting for his life after being found abandoned on a roadside in Buckinghamshire. Eight week old colt Theodore, fondly known as Teddy, was found starving and alone with no sign of his mother.

Life is tough enough for orphaned foals like Teddy. Not only does he have to survive without his mother, he is also extremely underweight and has an extraordinarily high worm count. The odds are against him, but he is a fighter and we are doing all we can to help him.

Teddy arrived at The Horse Trust on 25th October after being rescued by Thames Valley Police with the help of a Councillor from Buckinghamshire County Council. Staff at The Horse Trust provided round the clock care for Teddy from the minute he arrived. This friendly little chap has won all our hearts. He loves cuddles and whinnies whenever he hears footsteps near his stable. We do not understand how anyone can abandon a helpless foal like this.

After a few days at The Horse Trust Teddy’s temperature plummeted and he was found flat out and barely breathing. Just when we thought we would lose him, this little fighter rallied and got to his feet. As soon as it was safe for him to travel he was rushed to the Royal Veterinary College (RVC). Teddy spent a week in intensive care at the RVC where he was monitored 24 hours a day. Teddy’s worm count was so high that he urgently needed treatment, but the worming drugs he may have been fatal. He was also suffering from an infection.

Thankfully this brave little pony survived his treatment and has now returned home to The Horse Trust, where he is being cared for by our dedicated staff. He has become slightly cheeky with humans, so he has been paired up with Shetland pony George. His new companion is in his thirties so will be able to teach Teddy his place in the herd and help him learn how to be a pony.

There is still a long road ahead for Teddy, but he is improving every day. The staff at The Horse Trust are determined to give Teddy every chance of a happy and secure future. As a colt he may have little monetary value, but to us he is priceless.

Thank you to all of our fantastic supporters who have given donations to help towards the cost of Teddy’s veterinary treatment and sent such warm messages to wish him well. It is wonderful to know that so many people care about Teddy as much as we do.

Please help Teddy by donating today.

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