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A Fond Farewell Arnhem

It is with heavy hearts we are saddened to announce the passing of our much loved Cavalry and Household Division horse, Arnhem, aged 27.
Arnhem joined us in 2017, for a well deserved retirement, after serving for 18 years, starting as a Troop horse in the Household Cavalry and then as a Charger for The Household Division.

With his happy go lucky nature he was well liked across the yard with both his human and fellow horse friends. He formed a particularly special friendship with his field mate Yeti, bonding over their combined love of apples and previous military careers.

Unfortunately, Arnhem had been suffering with arthritis and additionally struggled with his weight due to lack of teeth. This was being managed, to keep him happy and comfortable, with medication alongside receiving the best of care from our entire team.  With the days getting colder the team were worried how he would cope and when he developed colic, considering his age and existing conditions, the decision was made in his best interest to say a final goodbye.

So thank you Arnhem for your many years of dedicated service, all the smiles and wonderful memories you have gifted to all that had the pleasure of meeting you.
We truly cannot believe you are gone and will no longer be seeing your handsome face over the stable door.
Rest in peace dear companion.

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