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October 2022


Royal Mews

Neck Scratches

Topical Working

Topical Retired

Topical is a gorgeous Bay gelding bred and owned by The Royal Mews.  For many years he was amongst the biggest horses owned by The Mews, standing at an impressive 18hh!

Topical is retiring to us due to lameness after many years of working in all major state occasions including State Visits, State Openings of Parliament and Trooping the Colour.

Topical is known here at The Horse Trust for his playful nature and silly faces which he has been pulling throughout his career and retirement. Topical can always be relied upon to provide a tongues out Tuesday picture! He loves nothing more then neck scratches and always makes sure to reciprocate with equal enthusiasm. He certainly has a heart to match his height, we are incredibly honoured to be able to give this gentle giant the retirement he deserves amongst the acres of rolling Chiltern Hills here in Buckinghamshire.
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