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Stanley - retired working pony







Gaddesden Place RDA

Getting muddy in winter!

Stanley Working

Stanley Retired

This gorgeous grey gelding arrived at The Horse Trust from Gaddesden Place, Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) in November 2015.

Despite the fact that Stan is half thoroughbred, he has been described as the perfect gentleman with great stable manners. He proved how genuine he was with his famous party piece – letting a rider stand on his back and dismounting by somersaulting off!

Over the 7 years he worked for the RDA, he provided 4,200 rides during term time! His correct training means that over the years he gave many dressage riders their first taste of competitions; whether in house qualifiers, joint shows with Flamstead Pony Club or at the RDA Regional Championships.

Stan loves fuss and had no problem wearing all the fancy dress costumes. His most famous outfit was his pirate beard that had to be removed as he started trying to eat it! He has a huge fan club and even has a home knitted Watford football supporter hat and scarf.

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