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Dark bay


June 2018


Lancashire Police Mounted Branch


Rivington Working

Rivington Retired

Rivington (who also went by the name Ralph) joined the Mounted Branch later than most our other horses, at 11 years old. He was with Lancashire Police for 7 years during which time he proved to be both brave and kind.

He made the perfect Police Horse, as he was so well mannered when dealing with members of the public whilst on patrol, but he also loved dealing with large crowds and was very brave when he needed to be. If there was a disturbance, Rivington would be the first to go in!

He was one of the smaller horses at 16.2hh but had the presence of a horse twice that size. He was a leader and would focus on the job in hand, be that standing static for hours on end or leading a large escort of a volatile group. He had been the lead escort at many volatile football matches at which when at the lead, he was so slow and controlled throughout. It was the role he was born to do!

One of Rivington’s passions was jumping. He was Lancashire Police’s ‘go to’ horse for jumping and has helped many riders through their initial riding courses. Officers took their courage from Rivington going into the jumps.

Here at The Horse Trust, Rivington enjoys the quieter life and is often found in his ‘standard’ position of lying down having a nap! We think after all his years of service he deserves to have some lazy days!

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