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Police horse and rider stood by the windy and sunny Welsh coast





June 2023


Lancashire Mounted Branch


Poppy Working

Poppy Retired

Poppy joined us in 2024 after a very noble career serving for Lancashire Police Mounted branch. She was initially bought from the Isle of Man as a foal and was showed in her younger years, before being sold as a police horse in-training.

As her career progressed, Poppy worked at countless large football matches, Mutual Aid events including Manchester United vs Liverpool and Leeds vs Brighton. She also worked at televised Euro 2022 football matches, Blackpool Pride parades, the Jubilee Parade where she lead a military parade in with a full band behind her, highlighting her bravery. Last but not least, she took part in a number of Remembrance Day parades, which was very fitting for Poppy as she was named after Armistice Day.

Poppy retired to our sanctuary due to lameness, and we are glad to give this beautiful lady the peaceful retirement she deserves.

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