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April 2024


Household Cavalry

Lots of attention!

Legolas Working

Legolas Retired

Legolas, also affectionately known as Lego, started his career in the Defence Animal Training Regiment (DATR) where he used to train the potential instructors in the finer points of flatwork and jumping, culminating in him being used for their British Horse Society (BHS) exams up to Stage 3.

After his career at DATR, he was then reassigned as a potential charger for the Household Division stables; however, the need for fully fit black horses in the Sabre Squadrons meaning a move for him to the Blues and Royals Mounted Squadron. During this role, he was part of Queen’s and now King’s Life Guard, used on the Platinum Jubilee parade and was used in the front rank of the mounted escort for the Coronation of King Charles lll. He also took part in the birthday King’s parade and state visits.

After ten years of valiant service, Legolas was diagnosed with a significant injury to his inferior check ligament and was being very gradually rehabilitated until he was then wounded in the stables. His prognosis for return to full ridden work was then guarded and due to it being unlikely he will ever return to consistent soundness in trot, it was decided to retire Lego from service.

Legolas arrived to begin his retirement with us in April 2024 alongside eight fellow military service horses. We are honoured to care for him whilst he lives out the rest of his days on our beautiful rolling Chiltern Hills.

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