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April 2024


Household Cavalry

A good scratch!

Knightsbridge Working

Knightsbridge Retired

During his 14 year career in the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment (HCMR), Knightsbridge took part in all major parades.

Being a Grey, he was used in the band and by the trumpeters both on duties and on parades. He was there for both royal weddings, Diamond and Platinum Jubilee parades and the Coronation. He was also a regular on Trooping the Colour, the State opening of Parliament, as well as being on countless Queens and now Kings Life Guards. In his younger years he was taken to Winter competitions because of his talent jumping.

A favourite of the civilian support riders, unfortunately as he has aged, Knightsbridge struggled to maintain his fitness which eventually led to the Saddlers being unable to fit a saddle to him. This made it clear it was time to hang up his tack, kick up his hooves and retire. We are delighted to offer the best of retirements to Knightsbridge after his wonderful years of service.

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