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December 2023


Welfare Case

Having a lay down!

Kahlo Before

Kahlo After

Kahlo was one of nine equines who was rescued from a small family business run as a community interest company hosting pony parties and claiming to provide equine-assisted therapy sessions for vulnerable people.

When Kahlo was rescued, she was in terrible condition and was the very definition of skin and bone. Kahlo spent five days in an equine veterinary hospital before she was able to come and begin her recovery at her first rescue home. At her veterinary check it was her spirit that was noticed, despite her weakened state and suffering with untreated Equine Asthma which was causing a chronic cough, she was bright, alert and fighting to get better.

Kahlo has put on over 100kg since her rescue and is now thankfully a healthy weight. Now that she is feeling physically better, her kind and loving personality is shining through. She is polite and laid back whenever she needs handling, and she can get very excited when she’s going back to her field. Despite the neglect she suffered Kahlo remains gentle and is always a pleasure to be around.

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