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April 2023


City of London Police


Iris Working

Iris Retired

Iris came to us from the City of London Mounted Police Branch after 7 years of service. She’s a kind hearted horse with a willing nature who tried her very best with her Police career. Unfortunately policing didn’t come naturally to Iris, and it was decided that she’d be happier with an early retirement.

During her career she attended many football matches including Arsenal, West Ham and Spurs. She was a Police escort for the State Visit in 2019, and an escort for the Lord Mayors coach during the Lord Mayors Show. She also attended demonstrations in and around London, but was happiest on her daily central London park patrols. She had all of her tasking hotspots memorised and would park up without having to be asked.

Iris, although large, is an extremely polite and good natured girl who is easy to handle. She can occasionally be a picky eater, but has a great love for bananas, which she never turns down! She has been described as sensitive, introspective and having a heart of gold. Iris is happiest in company, and we are so pleased to have her here at The Horse Trust.

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