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December 2014


Welfare case


Eve Before

Eve After

Little Eve is one of our most popular residents who today, is a picture of health and full of life. Unfortunately, the plucky pony you see before you now, is not the one who first arrived at The Horse Trust.

On 24th December 2014 two of our team members were called urgently to a field in Binfield near Reading. Nothing could prepare them for the heart-breaking scenes they would witness as they pulled into a paddock containing 30 neglected horses and ponies who had been left without any food, water and barely any shelter. Sadly, some of the horses were so poorly and in such a bad state they had to be euthanized upon arrival. And that was when Eve first came into our lives. Eve was underweight, riddled with small redworm and generally in a pitifully poor state. When she arrived home, we had to provide round the clock care with much needed veterinary treatment to help her recover from her awful ordeal. Not only did Eve have a long journey ahead of rehabilitation but we also found out she was carrying a foal! It was said that Eve was so lucky to have been rescued when she was because had she not, both her and her unborn foal’s lives would have been in great danger.

Eve made a wonderful improvement during her recovery, so much so that in May 2015, she gave birth to a beautiful healthy foal, Gabriel.

Eve truly is the bravest pony with the biggest of hearts. She has achieved so much, and we are incredibly proud of her. A fabulous bonus is that she has produced a lovely young pony in Gabriel who takes after her in temperament and attitude too. Eve was backed to drive under harness and is now a complete professional! She has been used for weddings hosted in Sefton’s Barn and she evens transports Santa Claus at our Christmas Open Day, Neddy Noel.

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