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March 2023


Crosby RDA

Friend, Eve

Buster Working

Buster Retired

Buster retired from the Crosby Riding for the Disabled Association where he worked for the last 8 years of his career.

In his work he helped up to 15 differently abled riders each week, providing them with skills, experience and fun they wouldn’t obtain any other way. He was also a firm favourite for ‘meet, greet and groom’ where he would stand patiently while being brushed and groomed.

One of Buster’s amazing riders lived without sight, hearing and speech and kept riding until she was an incredible 82 years old! He also stepped in when a pony suddenly couldn’t compete at the RDA Northwest Regional Show and helped our youngest rider in the Countryside Challenge, which involved a course of obstacles which a rider may encounter whilst out, like a pond, a bridge, or a sheep pen and gate.

Buster was certainly in the right job as he kept calm and stable with unbalanced riders, whose movements may be jerky and unfazed by riders who were anxious or noisy. He is also hoist trained to enable riders to mount from and to a wheelchair.

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