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Our Story

1934 saw The Home of Rest relocate from Cricklewood to Westcroft Stables in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.

The transference of the Home from Cricklewood to the new site in Borehamwood was considered a landmark in the history of the Home. The removal was accomplished on 20 October 1934, with all the animals being transferred by motor horse van.

The whole of the stables were under one roof, together with all the necessary facilities, such as a chaff-cutting house, a forge, a boiler house and a pharmacy, all grouped around the main quadrangle.

Such an excellent arrangement facilitated the work of the staff. Only the barn was situated outside the quadrangle – a necessary fire precaution. The same quadrangle layout was later used at the new site in Speen and can still be seen today.


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