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Emergency Appeal

Emergency Appeal - Storm Eunice

Storm Eunice Damage - Our Horses Need You

Storm Eunice Damage

Storm Eunice wreaked havoc throughout the UK, having been recorded as one of the worst storms we’ve seen in decades.

Although we prepared as much as we could, our team and horses were left terrified as we helplessly watched the storm rip through our exposed site, tearing apart many of the facilities the horses so desperately need.

Damage to structures critical to our rescue horses and retired working horses are estimated to surpass £30,000 in uninsured losses. Over 1700 meters of fencing from the paddocks and their exercise school has been ruined or requires repair as soon as possible. Several field shelters, which our horses always need more of have been destroyed and recouping the losses of the ones ruined by the storm will take time.

Though we continue to remain hopeful, this has a direct impact on the income we need to look after all the residents in our care and to keep The Horse Trust running. It costs over £180,000 a year to supply the medicines, food, homing and rehabilitation our horses, ponies and donkeys rely on.  This is why we are urgently asking for your help.

Any gift, big or small, will aide us in recovering the facilities our horses so desperately need. You can make a donation by using the online form below. Thank you, as ever for your support.

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