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Yeti - sponsor Yeti, a retired Household Cavalry horse





April 2016


Household Cavalry

Having a roll

Yeti Working

Yeti served with the Life Guards

Yeti Retired

Yeti enjoys his retirement

Yeti served with The Life Guards for a magnificent 19 years.

He participated in many ceremonial parades including Trooping the Colour, State Visits and Queens’s Life Guard. Yeti also travelled abroad where he performed as part of the world famous Musical Ride in the Middle East and Europe.

During the musical ride, 4 of the horses are ridden by the ‘Monkey Men’ and are trained to lay down as part of the performance. The finale includes these 4 horses carrying in the flags of the United Kingdom.

Yeti was extremely fast and was chosen to carry the Union Jack and was the last horse to leave the arena at full gallop accompanied by the patriotic song, ‘Land of Hope and Glory’. This prestigious accolade was always well received, receiving many standing ovations from their audience.

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