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Troy - retired police horse





January 2014


Thames Valley Police Mounted Section


Troy Working

Troy Retired

Troy, a part bred Irish Draught who’s official name is Stonehouse Blue, retired to us aged 14 years. Troy served with Thames Valley Police for 8 years and was one of the bravest police horses in the country. He arrived at The Horse Trust in January 2014.

During Troy’s police career he was involved in all major public order events in the Thames Valley region. This included policing football matches, large demonstrations, State Visits at Windsor and escorting HM The Queen at Royal Ascot and the Olympics. He has also travelled outside of Thames Valley supporting other forces, covering events as far afield as Norfolk and Staffordshire.

In 2012 Troy received a Chief Constables commendation for his incredible bravery during the March for England Parade in Brighton where he, and other horses and officers, were confronted with terrifying levels of aggression and violence.

Troy was one of the fastest police horses in the land as he proved in 2012 at Royal Ascot when police horses and riders were allowed to have a race from the golden gates to the fourth furlong marker. At the start Troy had to be held back like an elite racehorse but as they approached the finish line he was allowed to go at his own speed and left all of the other horses behind. An easy win!

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