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Dark bay


January 2017


Lancashire Constabulary

Ex-colleague Silverdale!

Sawley Working

Sawley Retired

Sawley served with the Lancashire Constabulary for 21 tremendous years where he was described as ‘the father like figure’ to all the younger recruits, steadying the other horses in difficult situations.

Sawley took part in a range of police work, from general police patrols, to being the lead horse of many ceremonial parades due to his calm and confident presence. His outstanding poise meant he was the starring role on ‘Crime Watch’ when they filmed a segment on the work of the mounted section. It didn’t stop there as he took first place at the ‘Blue Light Horse of The Year’ for his faultless service to the mounted branch.

Riders described Sawley as ‘an absolute superstar who we love very much, he has had a fantastic Police career and has served the constabulary terrifically.’

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