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Light Cavalry

Showing off his dashing looks

Rommel Working

Rommel Retired

Meet Rommel, aka Bob! Bob came to us from Light Cavalry at Flemish Farm in Windsor.

This bay gelding has been described as the most honest horse to ride and has taught many people how to ride and is described as a classic all-rounder. He has attended Lord Majors Shows, British Military Tournament, and has taken part in many tent pegging displays and musical rides. Bob joined us for our Horses, Hounds and Heroes event showing off his skills in the main arena before he was retired to us.  Although honest being ridden, Bob can be challenging on the ground and doesn’t like too much fuss made of him.

This cheeky chap retired due to lameness issues when ridden. He is now in the best place where he is enjoying retired life out in the fields getting muddy with his friends!

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