18th August 2020
25th January 2020



Can you offer Puffin a loving home?

Puffin is a 5-year-old, piebald cob mare. She stands at 12.hh and arrived here at the Horse Trust when she was just 2 years old, along with Sparrow and Inca Dove after being abandoned. At the time of her rescue and despite being so young and underweight Puffin was in foal. However shortly after their arrival the foal sadly passed away.

Because of her history Puffin can be a little shy and nervous, she has been undergoing her basic handling training to help her overcome the initial nerves she experiences in new situations. We have found that Puffin prefers to take her time to assess new obstacles or environments and looks to her trainer for guidance.

Puffin is a kind and quiet pony; she is looking for an experienced patient rider who can help her develop and mature into a confident pony. If you would like to take Puffin home, you can start your application below.


My Dream Partner: Puffin is looking for a competent and patient partner who will take the time to form a bond and continue with her training.

My Dream Home: Puffin currently lives in a small mixed herd with access to a field shelter. She is used to being brought into the stable for short periods and usually with a friend not too far away. A home that can offer a similar set up and routine would be ideal.

My Personality: Although Puffin may seem shy at first her quiet character soon shines through once; she has developed a trusting bond. She is very honest and will stand patiently while being groomed, she enjoys learning new things and is quickly becoming more and more confident in herself.

Key facts


HEIGHT (hh)12.1
ARRIVALMarch 2017