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January 2014


Northumbria Police Mounted Section

Best friend Brave

Phlint Working

Phlint Retired

Phlint arrived at The Horse Trust in January 2014 along with his friend Pongo.

Gorgeous grey Phlint retired to us, aged 19, after serving with Northumbria Police Mounted Section for 7 years. He was retired as it was felt he could no longer cope with the demands of regular police work. Phlint was quite timid for a police horse so was used mostly for daily patrols and football matches. He has also policed numerous pop concerts at the Stadium of Light including Take That, and Pink. He even bravely helped control crowds and protect the public at English Defence League and Student Riots and at Sunderland v Newcastle Derby’s.

Despite demonstrating enormous courage during his career Phlint has occasionally been known to spook at his own shadow and he is even a little bit scared of our donkeys!

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