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Mayo - retired working horse







Bristol Vet School

Having his ears rubbed

Mayo Working

Mayo Retired

Mayo is a 17hh Irish Sports Horse who retired to us from Bristol Vet School.

Mayo has had an interesting life, as he originally began training at the Defence Animal Training Regiment (DATR) before unfortunately being diagnosed with kissing spines, which ended his promising career as a Cavalry Horse as treatment proved ineffective.

Due to his outstanding temperament, the decision was made to send Mayo to Bristol Vet School, where he could be retired from ridden work but still able to enjoy a number of years helping vet students learn the ropes on a real-live horse. As well as this, Mayo has actually saved the lives of countless horses who needed urgent blood transfusions following injury or illness. Without Mighty Mayo on hand to donate, these poor horses would certainly have died.

Mayo well and truly deserves his retirement and we are honoured to have him with us.

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