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January 2017


Metropolitan Police Mounted Section

Smiling for treats!

Jedburgh Working

Jedburgh Retired

Described as ‘if Carlsberg made horses…’ this rather handsome chap served 10 loyal years with the Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch before retiring to us in January 2017.

During his career, Jedburgh, a stunning Irish Sports horse was involved in many high profile events from the London Riots to Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. This brave 17hh black beauty was regularly involved in football matches throughout London, as well as policing volatile protest marches and attending many school visits.

Jedburgh, better known as Jed, has been described as having a cheeky personality because he knows how to get his way. His party trick to get treats is a very cute cheeky head tilt, and lifting his top lip which the Officers could never say no to! Jed loves attention from everyone (except the vet!) and would make every excuse for a head scratch. Former rider Clint describes him as ‘the best horse in the world. We got through some sticky situations together.’

Jedburgh retired from work due to heart problems, making him unable to carry out the work needed. He is a much loved member of The Horse Trust family.

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