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June 2022


Metropolitan Police

Best Friend Lochearn

Illustrious Working

Illustrious Retired

Illustrious started his busy career with the Metropolitan Mounted Police in 2005 as a six year old. After completing his initial training he served at Shoreditch, Bow and Great Scotland Yard stables, where he became the favourite mount of a Deputy Assistant Commissioner who rode him on all State ceremonial occasions. As well as excelling at all his police duties, Illustrious was a key part of the funeral escorts for both Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 2013 and Police Constable Keith Palmer in 2017.

In 2018, Illustrious was semi-retired and became a Military working horse joining the Household Division Stables, Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment.
Due to his years of experience and calm, gentle nature he was known as an extremely reliable horse for novice riders performing their ceremonial duties. In his first year at the regiment, he was used as the senior majors’ horse on Queen Elizabeth II Birthday parade.

Illustrious, named as an old faithful, with a small amount of cheekiness and one of the favourites amongst his grooms at the Household Division Stables, deserves a long happy and healthy retirement out on the Chiltern Hills.

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