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January 2011


Metropolitan Police

Estate foreman Jon Taylor!

Gawain Working

Gawain - retired police horse

Gawain Retired

Gawain is a part bred Irish Draught with a striking roman nose. He worked for the Metropolitan Police for 8 years and was fearless in volatile and violent situations, such as the student fees and G20 demonstrations and the Cardiff v Chelsea Match in February 2010, which was described by some police officers as the worst football violence since the seventies.

Gawain was often used for ceremonial duties and was regularly used in “Grey Escorts” that precede and follow the Royal Carriages and Household Cavalry state occasions. Gawain’s size and kind disposition made him a great favourite with London’s visitors and residents and is probably one of the most photographed horses in the world. He is a great favourite of our estates foreman Jon Taylor who served in the Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch for many years alongside Gawain….it is wonderful that they can be reunited at The Horse Trust!

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