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Flint - retired Royal Mews horse





September 2012


Royal Mews

Field Friend, Patrick

Flint Working

Flint - royal mews horse retired

Flint Retired

Flint retired

Kingsleys Flint, known as Flint (or Freddie, after Freddie Flintoff!), arrived at The Horse Trust in September 2012 for his retirement from ceremonial carriage work at Buckingham Palace.

Flint took part in carriage work, both driven and posting, and was involved in many important parades and events. These included State Visits, State Opening of Parliament, Trooping the Colour, Royal Ascot and many other events.

Flint now enjoys a peaceful life here at the Horse Trust after his years of hard work. He is a very laid back character, who enjoys relaxing in the fields with his friends.

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