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Royal Mews


Daniel Working

Daniel Retired

Daniel served at the Royal Mews as a harness horse for H.M. The Queen’s Carriages and took part in innumerable events throughout his high profile working life. In addition to his ceremonial workload Daniel became something of a celebrity in the Royal Mews with his picture appearing in the official souvenir guide as well as featuring on a 2014 stamp collection by the Royal Mail commemorating Britain’s working horses. In that same year, he and his stable mate Storm were immortalised in a life size statue situated on the Peanut roundabout in Windsor commissioned by local residents to celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee.

After a grand total of 14 years as an essential member and poster boy for the Royal Mews, elegant Windsor Grey Daniel joined his fellow Royal Mews veterans including Marsa, and Big Tom here at The Horse Trust.

Fun Fact: Daniel served in the Met Police for four years from 2000 before joining the Royal Mews. During his career Daniel was posted to central London’s Great Scotland Yard stables where he remained until the unit was temporarily moved to the Royal Mews during a stable refit. While at the Royal Mews, Daniel caught the eye of the Crown Equerry and remained at the Mews as a carriage horse when the police returned to Great Scotland Yard.

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