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August 2016


Thames Valley Police


Caesar Working

Caesar - police horse working with Thames Valley Police

Caesar Retired

Caesar served bravely for Thames Valley Police, where at 18.2hh he was unsurprisingly one of the largest police horses!

Caesar served for a magnificent 10 years where his duties included the day-to-day patrolling of the Thames Valley area. He attended many public order commitments, assisting other forces, many of which saw large violent crowds attacking police, including the horses. Despite being injured whilst on duty by pieces of shrapnel and objects, Caesar remains to this day incredibly loving and trusting of humans – he is a true gentle giant.

His confident presence also made him a very successful security horse, providing close protection security to HM The Queen’s Royal Procession on the course at Royal Ascot for 10 years. Caesar was also involved with various security operations involving the current government & counter terrorism patrolling at specific identified target locations.

Sergeant Spencer Kervin noted “he will be remembered as a very honest horse. What you see is what you get, a huge gentle giant who was a natural born leader.” Caesar is incredibly popular with both staff and visitors and a much loved member of The Horse Trust family.

*Please note that due to his size, Caesar is available for Gold sponsorship only (£10 per month).

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