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September 2018


Metropolitan Police & Gloucester Police

Hay & a good gallop on grass

Boris Working

Boris - working police horse

Boris Retired

Retired horse Boris

Boris served with both the Metropolitan Police and Gloucester Police. He started his initial training at the age of 4 years, passing his training at Imber Court with flying colours! He was described by his trainer as excellent from day one. Boris was fearless and quickly selected to take part in all the Royal Escorts. However, he was so strong that only a handful of officers could ride him!

In 2014, Boris was awarded the PDSA Award for his role in the London Riots where his rider described him as “as brave as they come with a lovely calm nature and willingness to work.”

In 2021, Boris was once again recognised for his police work and received a high honour as part of the ‘Animals in Policing Awards 2021’. This was awarded to Boris for his exemplary service with Gloucestershire Constabulary.

We are honoured to have Boris with us, providing him with a well-earned retirement after all of his years serving our country.

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