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March 2023


Thames Valley Police


Aurora Working

Aurora Retired

Aurora retired to our Home of Rest for Horses after a commendable career with the Thames Valley Police. Aurora has been involved with all our deployments, which include football events, demonstrations, Royal escorts, school visits, music concerts and neighbourhood policing. She was described as always being a willing police horse and provided a great service to Thames valley Police. She appeared to love her job and but sadly due to lameness it was decided it was the right time for her to enter retirement.

During her career she has been present at many major events, some recent ones would be Prince Philips Funeral where she escorted the Troops to the funeral and Royal Ascot 2022 where she lead the carriages up the racecourse daily. She has policed several football events including going to Mutual Aid in Brighton and Leicester. In addition, she policed the Labour conference in Brighton where there were a number of demonstrations.

We are sure she will enjoy her retirement with us in her new herd and it appears she is already a new favourite on the yard with the public!

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