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January 2019


Welfare case

Target training & friend, Dobby

Arthur Before

Arthur Before

Arthur After

Arthur After

In January 2019 The Horse Trust was involved in one of the largest and most heart wrenching animal rescue cases ever seen in the UK. It was only just short of three years later that we were legally allowed to talk about the ponies we took in, one of them being Arthur.

Upon being rescued, poor Arthur was sent straight to the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) for treatment before being discharged into our care. His feet were overgrown and his coat was heavily contaminated with faeces.

As he grew Arthur sadly developed a neurological condition known as Wobblers syndrome. It holds him back in terms of learning, for example it takes him longer to work out how to get his body to do certain things and if he gets over-excited he sometimes can’t quite get his legs to go in the right direction or stop as planned. He also struggles a little with the farrier to lift his legs and balance but is learning all the time and is becoming more and more confident with this.

Our sweet Arthur was also a “nanny” figured to fellow rescue pony, Dobby when he first arrived and the pair are now the best of friends.

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