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Generous Pharmaceutical Donation Supports Horse Trust Vaccination Programme

The Horse Trust previously only vaccinated those horses that were likely to travel, but Marketing Manager Susan Lewis explains that the risks of equine influenza are increasing for the charity: “The sanctuary is visited by many people, particularly those that own or work with horses, and also has the benefit of the support of a large team of horse-owning volunteers which in turn creates a greater risk of infection whether our horses travel or not. Vaccinating our horses against life threatening diseases such as tetanus, and diseases that can severely affect their health such as equine influenza will not only protect our herd but also reduce the risk or spread of these diseases.”

The threat of this disease is grossly underestimated and an outbreak could have a huge impact on the UK equestrian industry.

For The Horse Trust, both equine influenza and tetanus are a higher risk than at traditional livery yards, due to the nature of the cases taken on by the charity: “The Horse Trust supports prosecuting bodies, such as Trading Standards and the RSPCA, with the provision of sanctuary for those unfortunate horses, ponies and donkeys that are abused and neglected and in need of urgent veterinary care,” explains Susan Lewis.

“All horses are at risk of flu and tetanus infection but rescue horses are potentially more at risk than other horses that are better cared for. Rescue horses are often severely debilitated and therefore may have compromised immunity which, in the face of a challenge, will render them more vulnerable to infection. Similarly, rescue horses may also have open sores or even wounds that would predispose to tetanus infection in the absence of protection.”

PROTEQFLU® and PROTEQFLU-TE® is the ONLY equine flu vaccine in the UK to contain a recently updated strain of equine flu virus. Unlike traditional inactivated flu vaccines, PROTEQFLU® also utilises advanced vector technology to generate a strong immune response.

The Horse Trust, founded in 1886, is the oldest horse charity in the UK and provides a place of retreat for working horses that have served their country or community and nurtures them throughout their final years. The charity also gives sanctuary to horses, ponies and donkeys that have suffered and need special treatment. The Horse Trust funds non-invasive research that advances knowledge of equine diseases, improving diagnosis and treatment and reducing suffering among equines worldwide. The charity also offers training for professionals and owners, with a focus on equine welfare and quality of life assessment.


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