Equine welfare through training

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Equine welfare through training

Improving equine welfare through training

Improving horse welfare through training

Since our founding in 1886 our charity has worked closely with vets and equine professionals to help us care for our residents and promote equine welfare. Today our work in welfare and training helps to improve the welfare of horses across the UK.

The Home of Rest for Horses has been used as a training venue for equine professionals since 1907. Our herd of retired and rescued horses display a range of injuries and ailments and are an invaluable resource for those learning about equine care and welfare. We regularly provide a venue for training days and hands-on workshops, aimed at equine professionals such as dentists, farriers and vets.  Today our on-site facilities include an equine treatment clinic, care unit, sand school and horse walker. This makes The Horse Trust the perfect venue for a wide range of training and CPD courses.

A training venue for equine professionals since 1907

A training venue for equine professionals

Since 2008 we have also provided training for professionals working on the front line of equine welfare including the police, local authority officers and other charities. Police officers and local authority inspectors are often first on the scene when horses have been involved in accidents, strayed, been abandoned or are victims of cruelty or serious neglect. Many have no experience handling horses yet must deal with horses that are scared, sick, injured or feral.

Our training courses covers topics relevant to professionals involved in enforcing the Animal Welfare Act (2006) such as the safe handling of stray horses to assessing welfare concerns and taking legal action in the event of serious welfare compromise. This means that they are better prepared to deal with horse related incidents safely and effectively and helps improve the chances of a successful prosecution in cases of cruelty or neglect.

Helpline for equine welfare concerns

Helpline for equine welfare concerns

Our Welfare Team also run an Equine Welfare Helpline which is used by thousands of horse owners and members of the public each year who want to know more about topics such as what constitutes a welfare concern, how they can re-home their horse responsibly, and when it might be in the horse’s best interests to consider euthanasia.

Supporting equine professionals, horses’ owners and the public helps improve the welfare of horses, ponies and donkeys far beyond our Home of Rest for Horses.

Read more about our equine welfare training courses.

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