Duke – Spindles Farm Survivor

Spindles Farm animal cruelty case
03rd January 2008
Equine welfare through training
03rd August 2008

Duke – Spindles Farm Survivor

Duke - Spindles Farm survivorDuke is a gorgeous thoroughbred gelding who was rescued from the horrors of Spindles Farm, Amersham.

Duke arrived at The Horse Trust in January 2008 along with 13 of the sickest horses, ponies and donkeys rescued that day. These poor creatures were found barely alive, crammed in filthy stables and standing on the dead bodies of their companions. The conditions were truly appalling.

Like most of the animals rescued Duke was severely underweight and suffering from potentially life-threatening infections. After intensive veterinary treatment and care Duke began to recover, but sadly his troubles were far from over.

Duke went on to develop Sarcoids on his left eye. These small tumours caused extreme irritation and painful swelling. Removing them surgically would have been almost impossible. Duke travelled over 200 miles to the University of Liverpool’s Equine Hospital where he received specialist treatment to remove the tumours. Thankfully Duke’s treatment was successful but he has since suffered recurring bouts of colic which were so severe he had to undergo life-saving surgery at The Royal Veterinary College.

Duke has been through so much in his short life, but thanks to the round-the-clock care and specialist treatment given at The Horse Trust and the generosity of our supporters, he has now been backed and is living life to the full.

Duke’s health problems mean that he can’t be re-homed, but we guarantee that he will have a happy and secure home at The Horse Trust for the rest of his life.

Our own modern day Black Beauty.



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